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Prefund Your Plan Online Today

It’s simple to plan and fund your arrangements online now, before the time of need. By prefunding today, you will:

  • Ensure your wishes are known.
  • Plan at today’s prices.
  • Help spare your loved ones unnecessary costs and decisions.
  • Enjoy peace of mind.

With the Neptune Society of Northern California, you can feel confident that you’ll receive an affordable, secure cremation plan serviced by one of the most trusted cremation providers in the country.

Total Purchase Price: $2,245*
Complete. Affordable. Secure.


Purchase in 3 easy steps

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Pay online with any credit card using a secure online payment gateway.

You'll receive a packet in the mail
with information on your plan and
membership. Complete the forms
and mail them back to us.

A copy of your policy and your membership card will be sent to you, and your wishes will be kept on file.

*Does not include any items paid by Neptune on your behalf such as burial permits and state-required fees.
Any round trip transportation in excess of 30 miles will be subject to an additional charge of $3.00 per mile.

Not ready to prefund?
You can still preplan your cremation arrangements by becoming a member of the Neptune Society.